The Vicious Cycle.

DUST 514 is s a free-to-play PlaySta­tion® 3 exclusive title. In this game, your role is that of an immortal mer­ce­nary soldier who fights for the highest dollar. This is paid to you by corporations run by other players, and it's set in a futuristic universe.

The game’s title was inspired by the the phrase, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” the description of the cycle of life. This also inspired the concept for this TV spot, along with the tagline, “Enter the Vicious Cycle.” 

Working with MPC in Santa Monica, and director Dan Marsh, we created 5 million particles, and designed a stunning visual story for this spot, that illustrates the story of the game through the manipulation of the 'dust'.

Launch Commercial



We created banners that ran on sites prior to launch, that teased gameplay, and tied the campaign together using the particle effects to create headlines.