One word. Breadsticks.

At the end of 2016, our ECDs informed us that we'd be moving onto the Olive Garden account. That we'd be leading it -- of all broadcast. And all digital. And client relationship. And that we'd have to drop the other accounts we were leading.

This was a full time account.

Rather than fight it, we embraced it.

With open arms.

And it's been one of the most rewarding phases of our careers.

As anyone who's worked on a healthy retail account knows, it's a lot of work. A lot...of work. But we thrive on it. So many great things have come from it...a strong relationship with clients, from CMO on down. Wrangling an important piece of business for the agency. Managing and nurturing multiple teams on a daily basis. Non-stop production. And some work we're pretty proud of creating and guiding, some of which you see here. But like the terrible cliche "not everything shows up in the box score," not everything we've accomplished shows up in a portfolio. Here's a few things that do.


Pasta Pass and Pasta Passport

Online teaser video for this year's Neverending Pasta Pass promotion that included the chance to win a trip for two to Italy for only $200.

Giant Stuffed Pastas

Teaser cinema spot for this year's brand new Giant Stuffed Pasta promotion.

Tastes of the Mediterranean

Virtual reality video that transports the viewer right into the Mediterranean, the inspiration for Tastes of the Mediterranean. Best viewed with VR goggles, your phone or worst case, Chrome or Firefox browser.

And check it out on YT here:


Online video announcing their new and improved Meatball Breadstick Sandwich.

Olive Garden Catering

Broadcast for Olive Garden Catering.

Olive Garden Business Catering

Broadcast for Olive Garden Business Catering.

Never Ending Classics

Online video for Never Ending Classics promotion--all your favorites, in all the helpings you want.